Saturday, November 5, 2011


Will first off I have about a gazzilion pics of my new adorable nephew Bryce and his equally adorable brother Grant but I cannot post them. Lahren and Will aren't so comfortable with the blog/picture thing and I don't blame them. There are some creepy people out there. Blogger needs to come up with private posts. If there is a post that you want to add but just want close friends to see (like my sweet nephews) you can make just that post private. Wouldn't that be awesome. Alright blogger we're waiting. :]

Then I was going to do a Halloween post but I have to admit our Halloween was pretty lame. At least to post about on a blog.  It was nice but not packed with spooky fun-ness or pictures. :] We did go to a really fun Halloween party put on by our good friends and we dressed up last min. as baseball players (just put on a couple of Jaroms old shirts and some hats.) Yeah we didn't dress up this year. I was feeling particularly poor and we don't have kids yet so it's no big deal right?!

The next night was the trunk or treat with our ward and we passed out candy to all the cuties and talked with some friends and then headed home for the evening.

Halloween was next. That morning I was in S.D for a doctors appt. (which you can read about here) and spent the morning with some (not all) of my favorite people (Mom, Lahren, Will, Grant, and Bryce) and then drove home to spend that night with my hubby. We went out to dinner and then snuck into our house before the trick-or-treaters could see us. Lame? Yeah but candy is SO (Caps, bold, underlined, italicized, so you'll get my point) expensive and we did do the trunk or treat so we felt that we have done our part. When we got home we made hot chocolate and I went to put on the Others since it's the ONLY scary movie I can watch (probably because it's not even that scary and was on instant Netflix) when Jarom said "I don't like this movie." Meh... I had been looking forward to this for days... just me and him, candles, hot chocolate, cuddling, semi creepy movie... and at the last second he tells me he doesn't like it. :[ So we talked for a little but about what we wanted to do and decided to rent that weeks "Halloween" episode of Psych! Our favorite T.V show and the only one we watch. We couldn't get it online because they're making us wait 30 days before they'll start putting the episodes online (lame.) So we decided to splurge and invited over an institute student ( SUPER cool Tia) to watch it with us since she is a Psych lover too. So the evening ended up being pretty good. I loved the episode but I rarely don't like the episodes.

This brings me to today. Who knew my introduction about why I haven't been doing blog posts and my beautiful day today would turn into a massive update about what's been going on?!

Well ready to hear some more... good. :] Actually I really just do these for me. My blog is definitely my journal so sometimes you get the fun posts and sometimes the boring ones that I will love to look back on. :]

So today really was a bunch of nothingness but that nothingness ended up being AMAZING! This morning I went to Jaroms institute class that he started for the women in our stake (and anyone else who may want to join.) It was great and I loved it and being with/ learning from other women instead of just on Sundays. Plus woman from primary/ YW can come so I think it will be a great opportunity for them as well. :] We only had 5 (including myself) show up this morning but that usually happens with the first class plus it was raining. Hopefully it will grow and a lot of women said they were bummed they missed this morning.

So after class Jarom said he needed to work on his lesson for tomorrow (he's talking at youth conference) and was going to spend some more time at the institute. Well he needed to get on youtube to download a video he wanted to show and he cant do that on his church computer so he said he'd have to come home and work at home... darn. :]

I think you can guess what happened next. Yeah he came home and we lit candles, took a nap, played games, talked and had so much fun just being together all while it was cold and rainy outside. Then around 5 he picked up a pizza and cleaned the kitchen while I did my treatments and then we rented Cars 2 while we ate cookies and had hot chocolate. I wish the movies were $2 instead of $5 (I'm sure future generations will look back and laugh at that when they're paying $15-$20) but when you consider that it would have been $25 for us to see it in a movie theater... $5 HD isn't that bad. And we have a pretty nice T.V. We loved the movie and I cried but I don't think there is one Disney movie that hasn't made me cry when I see it (at least the first time.) Now he is finishing up his lesson and I'm writing on my blog instead of doing the school that I've procrastinated into doing tomorrow. :]


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