Monday, October 17, 2011

Pier Date

On Saturday Jarom and I were just sitting around wondering what to do when I thought "We live 1 hour away from L.A. We should take advantage of that" Even though it still an hour it's better then 3 which is what we would have driven if we still lived in S.D. So we decided to head out to the Santa Monica Pier.


Sweet Boardwalk. I mean this is considered a boardwalk... right?! :]

Love him!

Old Photos they had on the pier. Love these! The right photo is what the pier looked like in 1954(?)

This was just a weird drinking fountain. The water just falls off onto the sand... which is why you can see little bits of green grass growing.

After the pier we found a mall just 2 min away and decided to have dinner and walk around. It was so such a beautiful evening and the mall was huge. They had performers everywhere and that was cool too. Well the good performers were cool. :]

 This is where we ate dinner. We got there at the perfect time. After we left is started getting really crowded.

Jarom at the restaurant. 

Look at those dimples. When I was in YW and we were making those lists about what you want your husband to be like/have I totally put dimples. :] Who knew I'd actually marry a guy who had them! Love them! 

Me with beach hair. :]

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