Friday, October 14, 2011

Newest Bath and Body Works Employee. :]

Kind of a long post so if you don't want to read the whole thing... I got a job at Bath and Body works. :] The end.

Want to know how I got the job

So I got a job and I'm really excited about it! I really just wanted something to do to bring in some extra income and keep me busy. I guess I was really suppose to have this job because a little over a month ago I started thinking about getting a job and Bath and Body Works popped into my mind. I liked how it was a smaller store and there is one 2 min driving distance from our house so on cooler days I can walk/bike to work. :] They also happened to be hiring at that very time. So I put in my application and they said they'd call me the next week. Well no call came in so I went into the store and told them that no one had called me and wanted to make sure they hadn't forgotten about me. Well, they had forgotten about me. There is another BBW about 10 min away at a mall and it's closed for renovations so everyone had just moved over to this store and it was really crazy and they had lost my application. So they set me up an interview time (sweet) and I came back a few days later and had my interview. It was a group interview which was a little awkward but I thought it went really well. They said they'd give me a call in the next week.

Well in my application I had put that I worked for a dental office (in 2007) and Rhonda. I was glad I had Rhonda as a reference especially since my last job was in '07 and I wasn't even sure if they remembered me. Well after I had my interview I remembered that I worked for Darcy at the dance studio but I got payed in classes not money which is why I hadn't thought to put her down as a reference in the first place. So 2 days after the interview I went back in and gave them Darcy as a reference. The next day they called me and asked if I could have my references call them (which I thought was weird) but both Rhonda and Darcy were super sweet and said they would. About 4 hours after that they called me and said I got the job. :]

This is really the first job I've ever applied for (the other 2 basically fell into my lap) and I'm very happy about it.

I had orientation yesterday which I was told would take 2 hours 3 at the most and was there for 4 hours and had to leave early because I had school. So I have to go back sometime at the end of this week and finish the last hour of orientation and then have my register training.

It will start off really slowly (about 4-6 hours a week) which I don't mind at all. Just because they have the one store and are hiring about 50 new people for the holiday season. I don't mind because this is the busiest I've been in a while with school, V.T supervisor, another calling which I received on Sunday :], driving down to S.D every week for my study and other appt., finally getting to know and hanging out with new people in the ward, etc. So starting out slow in fine with me. By the time we get into mid November the other store will be open and I'll be working part time (about 25-30 hours a week).

Can't wait. :]

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