Sunday, October 2, 2011

Price Visit

This past weekend we had some house guests. Nathan, Colleen and their 5 kids came to see us. It was a little tight but SO worth it and we were so glad they'd make the trip with 5 kids. That's no easy feat! They came on Friday and we went and looked at some model homes. The kids LOVED it. They'd run from house to house picking out their favorite bedrooms. Then we came back and went to the park, ate dinner, and watched Veggie Tales. The kids went to bed and the grown ups talked for a little bit. We went to bed around 11 but Hannah and Ethan were sleeping in our room and they woke up at 5:45am. Let's just say I missed the first hour of conference Saturday morning and about 30min of Saturday afternoon. :] We watched the first session at the Institute so the kids could run around and play and then the second session at our house so Chloe and Kaitlyn could take a nap. Then they drove home before preisthood. I usually post pics and then write in-between but there were so many pics I wanted to separate it. Hannah (age 10) also took some pics. You got to give a photographer their credit so I put a caption under the pictures that Hanna took. I think we have a future photographer in our midst. :]


Aubree. She loved playing dress up.

Model!!! :]

Chloe (Hannah took the bottom, I took the top)

Hannah took this

Jarom, Aubree, Kaitlyn (Hannah took this)

They did a triple head butt when they got to the bottom. You can see Kaitlyn crying in the corner of the bottom pic but she was ok. Aubree got the worst with her right upper eye hit by Kaitlyn's head and the back of her head hit by Jaroms chin. She had a puffy red spot on her eye the next day so you know it hurt. (Hannah took these)

Aubree and Kaitlyn telling me something some boys were doing earlier. 

Jarom and Aubree

Hannah and Chloe

Colleen and Chloe (Hannah took this)

Walking back to the apartment

Chloe watching Veggie Tales. Apparently our screen isn't big enough for her. 

General Conference. Not a very good pic with my iPhone. 

Chloe the bottomless pit. :]

Jarom and Chloe

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Brian & Carina Schimpf said...

what the crap! sister price was my yw leader!! i had no idea it was the same family! haha

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