Monday, February 13, 2012

Family Time (Price)

Well we've had a lot of family time recently which we have loved and of course we have to post pictures. We have a good looking family :]

3 weekends ago Rahn, Sue, and Ammon came down from Utah so Rahn could ordain Jarom to a High Priest. Jarom was called to the high council over missionary work. We are so happy for this newest adventure. It'll take a while to adjust as we get used to all his new schedule times. Once I know what they are and when I can count on him being here or not being here I'm good, but when he suddenly announces that he has to leave for a couple hours... it's harder to swallow.

Anyway Nathan, Colleen, and the kids also came up. We had a nice Sunday together at church and then at the Institute where we hung out and had dinner. I made baked spaghetti for dinner accompanied by salad, bread, and juice and frozen citrus pie for dessert (which I also made.) It was a hit which I was very pleased about since I'm not the best cook (or cook period) in either family. In fact I'm quite sure the Prices were shocked that I could pull something like this off. I think they had prepared to eat whatever was put in front of them and just say lovely things about it no matter what; which only made it taste that much better that it was not only edible but had good flavor. :]

My mom and dad also came up and brought Grant for a surprise. It was so nice to see my chunky! I really was missing him... and of course my parents. :] Haha.

Ammon and Grant. Grant was wary of Ammon when they first saw each other which only put Ammon on a mission to have Grant in love with him by the time he left. Ammon definitely succeed. Grant LOVED Ammon and has talked about him since he's been home. They became fast friends. 

I didn't get a good picture of Katelyn but she loved Grants book. Grant also loved his book but was patient as I tried to explain that Katelyn would only play with it for a little bit and Grant could take it home and play with it whenever he wanted. He just stared at it longingly but he is so good at sharing. 

Me and Hannah. I love this girl. She is so beautiful on the outside and even more so on the inside! She will be such a strong women and mother in Zion. 

Chloe. She is so cute! I love watching her walk. She's in that wobbly stage but just barely. Adorable. Also the only pic of my mom. Doesn't the top of her head look great?! :]

Sisters (minus Katelyn). 

Jarom and Ethan

Me and my dad! <3

I meant to get a pic with Jarom and his parents and I forgot. :[ Next time. On to the Roger visit...

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