Monday, February 6, 2012

5 Fears About Having a New Car

Fear #1: Obviously dings and scrapes. I have never worried about that with my old car. I mean Mr. Knightly was beat up so if something happened it wasn't that bad. I still got that small sinking feeling but after 5 seconds it was gone and life went on. I guess it will be the same except that sinking feeling will last more then 5 seconds.

Fear #2: Getting into an accident. Not that I EVER wanted to get into an accident with Knightly but since I didn't really care (as long as it wasn't my fault and I didn't get hurt) I was so comfortable driving. Now I'm on pins and needles. I feel that I'm more of a danger on the road trying to be so careful then just doing what I normally do.

Fear #3: Being broken into. No one every wanted to break into Mr. Knightly. He was old and from the outside it was obvious there was never anything valuable to take. So as soon as people saw the outside they never thought about trying to break in because the likeliness of there being something good inside was slim. Now, even though there still isn't anything valuable inside our new car there might be more of a thought to break in since the "likeliness" of there being something is higher.

Fear #4: Getting tickets. I've never received a ticket and I'm a pretty safe driver so I'm not planning on it but I remember one of my doctors saying, "since you drive such an old car, you don't really stand out so cops probably don't even look at you if you are speeding. You just blend in and they probably think you're an old person." I don't know. In reality maybe I stuck out even more being so old and dirty and maybe I'll blend in more now that I have a "normal car." Still I feel that cops are going to be watching me more. Like when they saw me before they didn't even think my car could get over 70... now they'll be scoping me out.

Fear #5: Looking so fabulous and independent in my beautiful new car that I will be hit on endlessly. :]

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