Monday, April 9, 2012

Spiritual Weekends

Last weekend was General Conference. It was amazing! I love General Conference but there was something different about this one. Every talk was so captivating and the spirit was so strong. I also felt like there were so many "one liners" that really made every talk stand out in some way. I cannot wait for the May ensign so I can devour and mark up every one. After Saturday (even though it was also a fabulous session) I was feeling a little overwhelmed. The world felt so wicked and after the session I decided I was done living here and I didn't want to bring any children into it until the second coming. :] (So let's all work a little harder to usher in the second coming so we don't have to raise our children in this world.) Jarom and I both felt that maybe something is coming that we need to be strengthened for and saw that the brethren seem to be moving on (no talks about pornography) and you better keep up or you'll be left behind. You can definitely see the separation of the wheat and the tares.

I used to feel that the second coming would happen when the world became wicked enough but it really is when the righteous become righteous enough.

1 Nephi 13:37 "And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the power of the Holy Ghost; and if they endure to the end they shall be lifted up at the last day, and shall be saved in the everlasting kingdom of the Lamb..."

I definitely want my home to be Zion and NEED the power of the Holy Ghost. I cannot imagine raising a family without the Holy Ghost. It would be impossible.

D&C 101:28 "And in that day Satan shall not have power to tempt any man."

Who doesn't want this now! Well like I said after Saturday I was feeling a little overwhelmed at living in this world but then Sunday came. After both Sunday sessions I felt such peace that I could better bring Zion into my home and that God was in control. There were so many fabulous talks about the family and staying faithful no matter what trials befall us. Every hymn seemed to be geared towards being strong and staying righteous because no matter how the wicked may persecute, God is in control of his gospel and the world. I have felt such a difference in my life since conference. The spirit has truly been working with me to help me be better and to get rid of those "comfortable sins" that just aren't worth it.

Then yesterday was Easter and it was a beautiful day. Church was lovely and later we had some friends invite us over for dinner.  It was me and Jarom, our friends Nick and Bree, and Nicks parents. We had the best conversation. It is so uplifting to be around families who are righteous and make you want to be better people. I felt badly intruding on family time but we were so glad they invited us.


Lindsay R said...

i loved these thoughts. it is so true. it is hard not to get bogged down about bringing children into this crazy mess of a world! i loved the emphasis on family unit! It shows that nothing is more important than that. i love reading your words tay. :)

Tay&J said...

Thanks! I love reading your blog too and see what's going on with your cute family! :]

Kirstin said...

Yes, the world is crazy bad. But you're crazy good, so that totally counteracts it. Satan tries to make us think the world is not a good place to have children. And it's not even a new lie--it's one he's been using for a long time! See 1 Nephi 17:20. (I wonder how their wives felt about that...)

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