Sunday, April 15, 2012

We're having a baby! :]

I've wanted to do a post on this for so long. We've had so much going on to post about but I haven't been able to do a post. :] Here's what's going on...

Well it's official (I mean anything you post on fb makes it official. :]). We're pregnant and due November 3rd. I'm 11 weeks and everything looks really good. We've already had multiple doctors appt. and 3 ultrasounds since I found out at 5 weeks (they're keeping really close tabs on me being high risk and all.) I had some bad nausea (all day long!) from about week 6 until week 10. Just in the past week I've started feeling so much better. I guess 4 weeks is pretty good and a huge blessing for me because we met with a diabetes counselor the other day and they told me I HAVE to be on an eating schedule (especially with taking my blood sugars!) 

Jarom and I knew going in (because of my CF) that I would have gestational diabetes (I've had some high numbers even before I was pregnant.) Right now they're treating it with diet and I have to take my blood sugars 4 times a day (when I wake up and then an hour after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.) The diet is interesting because I can't have sugar (obviously) and shouldn't have very many carbs (since they also turn to sugar [side note: there is no boxed cereal that doesn't turn straight to sugar when it hits your body. No matter how healthy or organic the company says it is. No more cereal for me]) but with me needing to gain weight they're adjusting things. Like women should only have 2 8oz glasses of milk a day. Ha what a joke. I have AT LEAST 3 20oz glasses a day (I love my milk and it's never been scientifically proven to cause mucus build up) so they're telling me to drink as much as I want. They'd rather have me gain the weight and be on insulin then cutting back on my diet and losing weight. Other then the fact that I really don't want to give myself shots I don't mind being on the insulin because with gestational diabetes my body wont adjust to the insulin. The said the day the baby is born and all those hormones come out I wont have to be on insulin anymore. I don't have to gain any weight in the first trimester (YAY) but will have to gain a pound a week in the second and third. Ugh... we'll see how that goes.

The doctors really aren't worried about me being pregnant. The real trial comes AFTER the baby is here and it's "all about the baby" when it still needs to be "all about me" (that's when they see a lot of women declining health-wise) but I'm just not going to worry about that right now. "Tomorrow is another day."

We're still moving to a one bedroom May 18th and the dining room will become the nursery. My next appt. is May 11th (15 weeks) so I'm pretty sure we'll know what it is by then. :]

This is week 7 (even though the picture says I'm measuring at 6 weeks). They did an ultrasound from my stomach (even though I was so early) because I was small enough but it didn't measure correctly. We could still se the heart beat.

8 weeks 

11 Weeks. This past friday (the 13th but it was a great day for us) we had this ultrasound and it was so fun. The baby was totally moving (even though it's only 4cm... incredible). We saw them kicking their little foot and they brought their hand to their face. I thought it looked like they were sucking their thumb. :] It was so neat! 

Waving to us. :]


SydneyHughes92 said...

Tayler I am so excited for you and Jarom! Congratulations!! :)

Christina Marie said...

I'm so excited for you! Love you! :)

Ioana-Carmen said...

Intersting post sweetie! I was thinking...maybe we can follow each other?! XoXo

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