Thursday, November 1, 2012

A little Halloween fun!

Well I had no plans/expectations for Halloween. I was just going to sit at home with my boys, clean, and run errands. As "exciting" as that may sound I actually was enjoying myself cleaning and was even looking forward to getting stuff done when Jarom came home. :] I think sometimes holidays end up being a lot better when you don't plan anything or have expectations.

Well as the day went on I realized I really wanted to make oreo suckers, pumpkin bread, and chili to start off the holiday season. We got a late start on the night but it ended up being nice. We still went out and ran some errands and then stopped by the store, picked up the ingredients, and headed home.

We came home and I started making everything while Jarom kept our little boy calm until I could feed him. :] Since both the chili and bread takes about an hour to cook I wanted to feed him while it was cooking. We turned off all the lights (we're bad neighbors and didn't get candy), turned on some candles and the fireplace and had some fun.

I'm not big on scary movies... at all! No horror movies for me so while I was cooking we watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and rented "Snow White and the Huntsman" while we ate and cuddled as a family.

And what made it an utterly perfect evening was this stuff! Simply Lemonade is amazing. Pricey but once you've had it you can't go back to the cheap lemonade and guess what flavor they just came out with... MANGO!! My favorite lemonade EVER! More and more restaurants are putting it on their menus and now simply lemonade sells it. Best part of the night was finding this!

Daddy and baby cuddling while watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

Chili with spicy italian sausage! :] Yummy.

Pumpkin Bread.

Cookie suckers. Oh my so delicious! 

Delicious dinner and it makes really good leftovers also. 

It was a perfectly simple Halloween.

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