Thursday, November 15, 2012

One Month Old...

2 days ago. :] I didn't forget it was your one month birthday, I just didn't write about it. Like everything else in life, sometimes it feels like you've been here for way more then one month and other times I can't believe it's already been a month. Although life with you and the holidays does feel like it's moving by very fast right now! I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving and before we know it Christmas will be here. And I would just like to say I'm SO excited I wont be pregnant over the holidays!! I'd much rather have a baby then be pregnant.

Well onto you. I'm going off my one week post of you.

You're still a great sleeper! Hallelujah!!  You are more awake in the morning but you're pretty content. After I feed you I can get about an hour before you're ready for some attention. Then as the day goes on you get more and more sleepy. After your 3-4pm feeding it seems like you're pretty much ready for bed. You'll also give me about 5 hours of consistent sleep at night and then you're ready for the day after your 6-7am feeding.

You're good at eating too and it has become much easier. We're still slowly attempting eating out of the house as you still feed for a good 40min-1hour (I miss one of the three hours at church.) So when we go out it's either fast or it's good enough that I can find somewhere to feed you for 40min. I still don't like feeding you out though because a lot of times you'll only eat for 20min and then it throws off your entire feeding schedule for the rest of the day and it makes you fussy. You don't go to the bathroom as often when you're eating and you'll eat with wet diapers. You'll also eat with poopy diapers but only when you poop WHILE you're eating. I still have to change you before you eat or you refuse to latch. You also either burp really well or not at all. When I can't get you to burp you spit up for a long time after you eat. When I do get you to burp you don't spit up at all.

And you still have milk come out of your nose when you sneeze during a feeding. :]

You still love holding my finger when you eat. In fact you prefer it. You also love holding my finger at other times also.

Swaddling has really changed. We don't swaddle you too much during the day but man we wrap you up as tight as possible at night (that's how we're getting these lovely 5 hour gaps in between eating!) You slept so well when you first came it really didn't matter but now that you're flailing your arms everywhere you like them strapped by your side. *You still like sleeping with your arms by your face*

You like the carseat except when you're hungry. Then anything under 30mph isn't good enough to get you to sleep. Other then that you still don't seem to mind it to much.

You still have your hair!! :] YAY! And we already cut it around 3 weeks. It was getting pretty long over your ears and you had this little duck tail in the back so I just grabbed some siccors while you were sleeping and trimmed it. 

You also still have your goopy eyes. :[ Well the left eye cleared up and the right one got worse. Then they both got bad. Now the right eye is cleared up and the left eye is worse. I'm still putting breast milk in your eye and that does help a lot. 

You still fit in newborns but you've gained a pound. When we weighed you a week ago you were 8lbs 2oz. You look so big to me! It makes me a little sad but I do love seeing you grow up. I've truly been enjoying every stage.

You love baths and being clean. I give you one pretty much every night because it calms you so much (I put a lot of lotion on your sensitive skin after even though you hate that) and it helps you sleep!

We still don't have any new nick names. When you cry I do seem to call you hunny bunny (or hunny buns) to try and soothe you and you're still my trooper! Best little boy ever! :]

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