Saturday, December 15, 2012

2 months old...

on December 13th. I'm so bad at getting around to posting on your birthday. Although 2 days doesn't make a lot of difference and I've started keeping a pen and paper handy during the month so I remember things that are changing that I want to write about.

Well in the past couple weeks you've really started reacting to me. I LOVE it!!! Right after you feed and you're super content we just spend some good time together while I make silly noises and talk in my baby voice and you think it's so funny. You also smile when I stroke you under your chin and on your cheeks. Every once in a while I get a little giggle out of you but that doesn't happen to often yet. You are getting more and more smily and it is so fun. You have never been so cute!

Along with reacting you also make the cutest cooing noises and although it's most likely coincidence you seem to mimic you dad when he makes them. He'll coo a few times and then you do. Then he does it again and you do it again. Once he even coo'd 3 times, then you did it 3 times, then he did it twice and you did it twice. You think it's funny and smile a lot while it's happening.

I feel like you get better and better at eating. I'm not sure how this is possible except you because you've always been a pretty good eater. Maybe I'm just adjusting to it better. :] I guess you are eating better out of the house with a cover. And you stay latched. Although your latch has always been good (I've never had any cracking or bleeding) you've always come off a lot and never had a very strong suck. You stay latched on one side the entire time until your done which also makes eating out easier since I'n not having to re-latch you multiple times. You have started spitting up a lot. That's a bummer because your soak your outfits. Not with every feeding but with most. I just wait an hour before I change you.

The one sad thing is I don't think I can eat chocolate anymore. Any time I have chocolate you seem to get constipated, have a lot of gas, and then blow out your diaper. It doesn't seem to be a dairy thing (which I'm really happy about). Just when I eat chocolate.

You are still an AMAZING sleeper. In fact in the past 4 nights you've given us 7-8 hour stretches. You sleep WAY better when you're warm (like sweating when you wake up.) You've outgrown your swaddle but dad found a great way to swaddle your arms with a blanket and then we stick you in the softest warmest outfit (that we use more as a blanket) and you sleep so well. We also cover your face a little and that helps you sleep longer too. You started this on your own and it worried me at first but you just sleep better with something over your mouth (plus it's not pushed right up against you.)

You still have all your hair and it's growing. We've already trimmed it once around the ears but it's getting to the point where you could use a hair cut. :] I think it's your best feature! I love it (and so does everyone else.)

You love love LOVE being outside. You calm right down and are so content whether you're in a stroller or baby carrier. You sleep better too. You're still eating every 3 hours but when we're out of the house you'll give me up to 5 hours.

You're started to outgrow your 3 month clothing and getting ready for 6 month. Again not really weight wise but height! You're our long boy. :] Although weight wise you're doing very well for yourself. My friend has a baby scale that we weighed you on 2 days ago. 12.5 pounds. :[ It makes me sad how big you're getting but I'm glad you're such a big healthy growing boy! (You're dad uses you as weights and works out with you.)

You are great at holding your head up. It's still wobbly but you can hold it up for a few minuets before  you're ready for a rest.

You also like to "stand." I'm still holding you under your arms but just barely. I'm mostly making sure you don't fall over. You have some pretty strong legs.

You're starting to be enraptured by the T.V. If it's on and I'm walking you around the house (usually to get you to sleep) and your eyes just happen to find all those bright lights, you really like it. You just stare and stare and stare. I'm going to have to be more careful about T.V. :] I admit I have the T.V on a lot because I love the background noise and it helps me feel like I'm not going crazy.

You don't really like tummy time. You cry when it's happening but it's your "I'm annoyed" cry so I usually make you cry it out for a little while. Also when you're upset like that you actually get more upset because you're trying to hold your head up more. :]

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