Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New Year Once Again

Yes it's 2013 and like many other people I'm already feeling overwhelmed with all the New Years resolutions that are coming to my mind. I love making resolutions and try to all year long but there is something about starting the new year that seems so fresh and exciting.

I usually make to many resolutions and end up keeping none of them. Ha I'm not sure I even remember what I wanted to changed in 2012 (I could probably find it on my blog somewhere). Although 2012 was an amazing year. I mean I had a baby (a very cute baby :])! Can't get more amazing then that!!

So this year I have my list of resolutions and although I''m trying not to go crazy it's really hard for me to narrow it down. These are my favorites:

1) Cooking dinner. Sometimes people ask me what Jarom and I have for dinner and most of the time I have no idea what to say. I feel like we don't eat out to much but we probably eat out way more then I realize. I also know I'm not cooking all the time but we are satisfied so, we know dinner is coming from somewhere. I really want to have family dinner with Levi; Healthy, well balanced meals that will help in his growing development and with my health also (Jarom could use some good food as well.) So my new years resolution is to make one new meal a week. I figure that's a good start. Then by the end of the year I should have about 52 new recipes (if I like them all) that I can choose from to feed my family and hopefully be more comfortable in the kitchen. :] Maybe I'll even enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen by 2014.

2) Exercise. I feel like I have learned so much about my health with CF and health in general in the past year and I've never been so motivated to change my lifestyle. Along with trying to eat healthier I also want to exercise 2x a week. Being in an apartment complex we have a gym a few steps from the front door. Time to build up some stamina and muscle to make myself healthy enough so I can live to see my little boy grow up. I want to do more but I don't want to burn myself out so we're starting with 2x a week. :]

3) Blogging and/or iPhoto journal. These are my two journaling sources and I need to journal more. I figure if I know I want to blog at least once a week then I'll look for things I want to blog about in that week. Last night Jarom and I were sitting in the parking lot of the South Point hotel in Vegas on our way home from Utah (I know a little random) so I could feed Levi and let him stretch for a little bit. A Colbie Cailliat song was on (You Got Me) which seemed to say so perfectly how I was feeling for both of them.  I was sitting there staring at my husband and son, so in love with them wishing I could freeze this moment and relive it again in the future. I realized that this blog is the best way to remember and re-live those little moments in the future. So even if it's something little like that, I want to write about it. I have a few posts that I'm waiting to do now I just haven't put the pictures from my phone onto my computer.

4) This isn't a new resolution but one that seemed to get lost in the shuffle of Christmas and vacations. It started with wanting to make my Sacrament meetings more meaningful. Every week during sacrament I want to think about one thing I need to do for the week that I can improve upon (mostly spiritual) and then reflect upon the thing from the previous week. Whether it involves being better in prayer, scripture study, reading conference talks, serving others, following the promptings of the spirit etc.

I figure thats more then enough resolutions. I hope I can keep up with them. I'm hoping since they're all things that need to happen at least once a week it will help me keep track and stay on track. Even if I can accomplish one of these things I'll feel successful. :] Happy New Year!


Kirstin said...

These are two of my favorite sites for dinner ideas!

Tay&J said...

Oh thank you! :]

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