Sunday, January 6, 2013

A perfectly lovely day

This was actually back on November 30th but I'm catching up. :] It was just one of those days where nothing significant happened... it was just good to be alive! :]

Jarom and I decided to take a walk with Levi in the new stroller we got from the Ellen show. At this point Levi was 1 and 1/2 months old and had filled out enough to fit. It had rained that morning and was beautifully clear and refreshing. We walked to Victoria Gardens (just over 2 miles away) and ate some lunch at the corner bakery (a new favorite place to eat) and then stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get some hot chocolate making my walk just over 5 miles. I love being with my family. Life is good!

I love these mountains! The clouds were amazing on this day. I couldn't believe how low they were.

Our little boy in his new stroller.

 I, of course, had to choose a spot in the bakery were I could stare at the mountains while I ate. :] Jarom's handsomeness just added to the picture. 

My lunch. I don't know why food makes everything better but whether it adds to the day or to a blog post... it's just good! :] And this lunch was utterly delicious!

The Corner Bakery! <3 p="p">


Brian & Carina Schimpf said...

this all looks so lovely! they need to get a corner bakery down here!! and i'm loving seeing more pictures of your precious Levi :) keep them coming!

Tay&J said...

Carina the bakery is so delicious! :] If you ever find yourself up here we should go.

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