Sunday, January 6, 2013

A visit from the Santee Clan...

Well half of them. Back on December 20th Lahren, Grant, Bryce, and Rhonda came up for a visit to hang out and look at the Christmas lights on Thoughrobred (which were still good but not as great as last year.) We went to Bass Pro Shop during the day because they have a Santa's village that is really cool and FREE! Amazing that there are still free fun things to do in this world. :]

They stopped by the apartment first and Bryce and Grant both held Levi. Not for the first time but the first time they both seemed to enjoy it. Bryce was incredibly jealous of Levi when he first came (well at least when Lahren was holding him) and Grant was a little leery at first also. I think we're good now.

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On the carousel at Bass Pro Shop.. Still my Chunky. :]

A target/shooting game. It was fun except the target was totally off. I mean I know I'm not a great shot but this really was ridiculous. Still fun though. 

Cowboy Grant

Later that night after the lights. Just me and my baby sitting in front of the fire. 

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