Tuesday, February 5, 2013

3 month

So I'm super late on this post. I could probably just wait until your 4 month. :] Here's just a few things about you.

- You are sleeping in your crib on your mattress. Before we had you in a portable bassinet in the crib. You've had so many sinus issues I wanted you propped up a little but that bassinet was getting way to small. About a week before we transitioned you I started napping you in there on your back. Your naps weren't very long and I was worried you were going to stop sleeping through the night. Silly me... I forgot how amazing you are. On Friday night we laid you down (propped up on a boppy) and you did great. Saturday we did the same thing but half way threw the night you slid off the boppy and stayed asleep. Sunday we canned the boppy and you've done great ever since.

- You're still consistently sleeping through the night. From about 11pm-8am. Your naps have also gotten better as I started sleeping you in the car seat in our bedroom where there's less noise. It's made you happier in between naps too. You sleep for about an hour and thirty min to two hours.

- You're standing great (well as long as we're helping balance you) but muscle wise your pretty much on your own. You also walk when I'm holding onto you. And for your last big boy trick daddy has you sit on his hand and you'll sit there and balance all by yourself.

- You've stopped spiting up so much. This makes me very happy. But you have started drooling more.

- I definitely cannot have chocolate. Your poops have totally regulated.

- You don't really like to suck on things but you like to chew them. You don't take a pacifier and when I give you my thumb you just want to bite it. You also discovered your thumb probably around 2 and 1/2 months and you love to chew on that also. Again not suck... chew. :] It's funny.

- You still have hair but I didn't really realize how much you've lost since you were born. I mean I'm with you every day so you transitioning is so subtle to me. It's also turning red!!

- You're in 6 month clothing but can still squeeze into 3-6 month and can also wear 6-9 month.

- We haven't had you weighed at the doctors in a while but the other day I weighed myself and then you with me and subtracted the difference and you were 16lbs!! You are one big boy!!

- Even though we're less then 2 weeks away from you being 4 months holding your head up is easy peasy and has been for a while. By 3 months you had it. It's amazing how strong you get in such a short amount of time. I can't believe all the growing you've done.

These are lots of fun pics. You were around 3 months in all of these. I only have more recent ones on my phone. I'll have to add them to your 4 month post.

You in your babiators. :]

 You still love sleeping with your hand over your face.

Dressed you up. Loving your cute shoes. 

Bed head.

Hello chubbiness! 

My little pillsbury dough boy (or not so little)

Smiles (in 6-9 month clothing)

Doing some yoga. Haha it's just tummy time but you are so strong! 

Just the two of us

This is how you feel when I pull out my phone to take a picture of you. 

Haha you look so funny in this pic.

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