Saturday, March 16, 2013

5 months

Well we've just been little sickies over here... at least me and dad have been. Luckily you've haven't caught anything to bad so far but your right eye is watering a little (which seems to always happen when you're sick) and you're nose is more congested then usual but you're still my happy smily boy. You are so adorable I love you so much!!

Well I decided not to do a 4 month because I did your 3 month so late and there just wasn't too much to update but here we go with 5 months...

- I think the biggest change is you are rolling over. A lot! You love it. The first time you rolled over was about a week after your 4 month birthday but your arm was in the way and you didn't totally understand what just happened. Then within the last week you've been a rolling over FOOL! Oh and it's from back to stomach... which is funny because you don't really like being on your stomach but you love to roll over. We're still trying to work with you on stomach to back but those darn arms keep getting in the way. :]

- I don't know if you're babbling more but I have been enjoying it so much. You have so many different sounds and I love laying you on your back and giving you toys so I can just watch you play and "talk."

- And speaking of giving you toys you love playing with toys. You have totally become interested in playing and chewing on everything you can get your hands on. In fact you reach for my phone constantly whenever I'm on it. You're also constantly reaching for my fingers to chew on them. You just want to chew chew chew!!

- You really like your exersaucer. Which is nice for me because I can get a treatment session in (kind of) while you play. Except your favorite toy is also your worst enemy. There are about 3 toys that when  I first put you in you love... but after a few min you get angry that you can't take them out and chew on them. Haha I think it's kinda funny.

- I don't think I've done a car seat update. You still don't mind it when you're awake but when you're getting sleepy you get really angry when we put you in there. Probably because you know you'll fall asleep which leads me to my next point...

- You really are starting to fight sleep. I guess being awake is just so fun now. :] You still sleep great... once you're asleep. I've even laid you down and made you cry it out a few times because you just get angry when I hold you and you're falling asleep and you do everything to keep yourself awake. You cry for about 5 min in bed and then you're out. Sometimes I'll stick you in the car seat and rock you to sleep. You like that to and you sleep pretty well in the car seat.

- You are going bald. I mean you've always looked like a little old man but you pull out your hair when you're eating or tired so now you have a bald spot on the top of your head. I should probably shave it but I sill think you look better with some hair then with no hair. Plus you have cradle cap and you do have some hair on top that still covers it.

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