Monday, April 15, 2013

6 months

Wow you have grown so much! I can't believe it. I feel like every day you are doing something new and surprising me. I love it.

A lot of it started when I was in the hospital a week ago. I was there for about 10 days and your dad, Grandma and Grandpa (Abernathy), Aunt Lahren, and Nonz really stepped up to the plate and helped take care of you so I could focus on myself and get better. Kathy has also been amazing in helping since I've been home and taking you so I could do my home IV's and focus on treatments. Well I was in the hospital for 10 days and I feel like my little newborn is gone. I mean you're still a baby but boy are you growing fast. Here are some things you're doing...

You've been rolling over from stomach to back for a while but now you can roll both ways and you LOVE to do it. You're a rolling over fool. :]

You sit up all by yourself. I still worry about you on tile or any hard flooring because you still fall over occasionally but you are awesome at using your stomach muscles and pulling yourself back up and balancing if you start to fall over. Plus when you do fall you're pretty good and just rolling your back so you don't whack your head. You just hold your head up until you're all the way down and then lower it.

You also love to sit up in the bath. I keep the water running and you love to sit there and play with it.

For the past 4-5 weeks you've been standing by yourself if I put your hands on the side of the crib or whatnot but only for a few moments. Now you're getting a lot stronger. You stand pretty well and just a few minutes ago you were sitting on your bum and the bumbo was next to you and you used it to pull yourself into a kneeling position. What?!?! You are so crazy strong. It's all because of your dad. He's always throwing you and playing games with you that make you use your muscles!

Speaking of being strong you know that trick you used to do with your dad where you would sit on his hand and he would balance you. You still do that but now you stand... by yourself. You're awesome.

Just yesterday you were in your exersaucer and you started jumping. You've been "jumping" for a while when I hold you under your armpits and really like it. Yesterday you realized you could do it by yourself and you still really like it! :]

You eat baby oatmeal. That really started while I was in the hospital because I didn't have you enough to nurse you all the time. You've also tried avocado, banana, greek yogurt (mango flavor), my green smoothies and like them all. I haven't started veggies yet but you love chewing on raw beans, carrots, and bell peppers.

You don't have any teeth yet but I'm good with that. I don't have to worry about you biting me and a dentist told me the longer it takes for kids to get there teeth in the stronger they are. Hopefully that's true because the dental gene isn't good on ether side of the family. You do want to chew on anything and everything and you're drooling a lot so I feel like they're coming but, you've pretty much been like this since 3 months old. So I really don't know what's going on.

You're in 9 month clothing and 12 month fits you loosely.

Oh and just a side note... it doesn't matter if it's your kid or someone else's poop STINKS! Everyone says "it's different with your kid." It's not.

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