Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Month and Other Stuff

I haven't updated in so long. Mainly because everything revolves around you and so I usually just do your monthly post but I'm also on facebook and instagram so any little picture I just post on there.

Well you are over 7 months old. You are growing like a weed but you're not changing so much when it comes to tricks. These are your new things:

~ Crawling. You're not full force crawling yet. You get up on your hands and knees and then take a couple "steps" and then fall forward but you're so long and quick that you move fast. You also pull the carpet to help you get forward.

~ You love to stand and when you're in a good position you can get up pretty good but you're still pretty wobbly and fall over a lot. Although that doesn't stop you because you love to do it!! Even if you fall on your face over and over and over! 

~ You love to jump...and jump... and jump but only while I'm holding you and helping you so I've been getting a good work out!

~ You still have no teeth so it's been hard to feed you anything you have to chew. And we've completely weaned you which was bitter-sweet. You do formula, baby cereal, and pureed baby foods. In fact I just got a book from Amazon that has a bunch of all natural recipes. :]

~ We sold the Ellen Origami stroller and got a Graco Jogger which we both love more. I've been walking so much more with you and you love it also. 

~ About a week ago you fell off the bed (you're just to mobile) so we set up the Pack n' Play in our room. You take naps in there and fall asleep and night and then we transfer you. 
Living in a one bedroom is so fun... or not. 

Alright well I haven't had a lot to post like I said because of Instagram and Facebook but I do have a bunch of photos that I put on Instagram that I'll do here:

May is CF awareness month and you've been great at helping me with my treatments... kind of. Usually you get into everything so I stick you in the exersaucer and put on the "Lorax" (oh which is your favorite show... you love the music) while I finish.

I registered for school. I finished Pathways a year ago and became a full fledged BYU-I student. I finally signed up for my first classes and I'm super nervous! I'm going to have to be really dedicated and not lazy at all. :/ Hmmm not a strong suit with me!

You went to the bay for the first time and loved it and if you can tell from the upper left picture Dallen came home!! YAY. We love having Uncle Dallen back from his mission

Random but I NEVER take pictures of me and I liked how these turned out plus there is a  reason why I took these. I've decided to wear my hair all natural. Yep I shower at night, scrunch it, and let it dry while I sleep. It saves SO much time which is what I was looking for. I just don't want to spend a bunch of time on my hair instead of with you (or cleaning, eating, treatments, relaxing, or soon to be doing school.) I've had such a hard time debating between long and short hair. I'm going to try this for a while.

Remember how I said you love to stand. Well you love to do it most when I'm trying to put you in your car seat because you don't like to sit in it. As soon as I try to put you in you wiggle out of my arms so you can stand up and look around.

And last everyone says you look like Jarom. I think you're a pretty good mix but this is a picture of me and Dallen. I definitley think you have some Abernathy genes in you but you still have your own look. You're just Levi. :]

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