Sunday, July 28, 2013

8 and 9 months...

And still as cute as can be. I can't believe how long it has been. We did go on vacation to Utah for 2 weeks and my laptop died (the charger stopped working) which didn't help anything. So I have quite a bit of catching up to do.

- It didn't take long after my last post before you were crawling around everywhere. You were a pro crawler by 8 months for sure! You love to follow me around everywhere and get into everything. I love it though. I love being in the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom and seeing your little head pop around the corner.

-Soon after you really started crawling we were at Grandma Daisy's and she has too little steps that go from the living from to the dining room. You didn't even hesitate! You just scooted right up them. I don't know if that's normal but I was surprised. You're not around stairs at all and it was the first time you've ever been around them. You even got down but only after a couple attempts. :]

- You eat anything and everything (I hope it lasts.) I started making you baby food and it doesn't matter what fruit or veggie it is you eat it. You also drink the juice that dad makes which is carrots, cucumber, ginger, apples, oranges,  and a lime. We just stick it in a bottle and you love it (and I love that you love it.)

-You try to stand up without holding onto the couch. You're getting pretty good but you're still cautious.

Nine Months

-You had 4 teeth come in while we were in Utah! Two on the top and two on the bottom.

-You also took 4 steps while we were in Utah. It was kind of a fluke but I'm sure you'll be walking in no time. My cousin Rachel had you and I held out my arms. You took a couple steps, started to wobble, caught yourself, and then took two more steps and were in my arms. :] You haven't really done it since but sometimes you'll walk from our couch to the recliner. Although I can hardly call it walking since it's about one step but you're getting more brave to let go of the furniture

- You've started clapping but just a little bit. You don't understand the concept of when to clap or why but you mimic me doing it and you like it.

And here are lots of pictures!! :]

I just thought you looked so cute and proper drinking the bottle with you legs crossed. :]

We've started making you "cry it out" when we put you down so your nap times have been a little irregular because I never want to make you cry if you're not tired. So I usually wait to put you down until I know you're at a point of exhaustion. Which has lead to the next 2 incidents...

This is the funniest. I was actually going to the bathroom and you came and just laid down next to me. So I started stroking your head and within a minute you were out.

I was cleaning the kitchen and left you to eat some snacks and watch a movie. A few minutes later I came out to find this. <3 p="">

You love to play at the park and are finally old enough to do so. This is you with daddy.

 I also took these at the park. Xoxoxoxo

This picture cracks me up. You hate being thrown in the air like this and you are so stiff when dad does it to you. 

 You do this a lot lately. Well lean over the side of your highchair. I'm not really sure why but you certainly like it.

I love love LOVE you little wrinkled baby toes when you get out of the bath. 

I loved the smile. You really only did it for your eighth month and then you stopped but it was my favorite. I'm sad you don't do it anymore.

Look at those thighs! Love them. You are so chunky.

I can never sit you in front of the TV for long periods of time. You like it for a few minutes and then you'd rather play but sometimes you just have to see what's on. :]

This was one of those moments I was talking about earlier where you just pop out of no where. I love them. This time I was laying on the bed and then there you were... peeking at me from over the bed. 

Here are some family pictures that we got at the reunion. I love your face. All you aunts, uncles and cousins were yelling at you from behind the camera and making funny faces so you'd smile. Instead you just look like you're wondering what all those crazy people are doing behind the camera. 

I like this one of you better but I think daddy looks more handsome in the one above so I put both.

And this isn't about you but it is our family blog. So I thought I would post the picture of my hair. I chopped it off while we were in Utah. I loved my long hair but it was such a hassle with you. Plus I'm always having a inward battle about whether I should keep it long or cut it short. 



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