Monday, August 19, 2013

10 months old!

Well here we are again... a little late but you are still cuter then EVER. In fact I'm pretty sure with every milli-inch you grow, the more you grow in cuteness. I just want to gobble you up!

At 10 months you are:

WALKING... a little. :] Let's just say you can walk but you don't prefer it. You walk the most between the recliner and couch (which is 4-5 steps) but you like knowing if you're going to fall, you'll probably be able to catch yourself. You can still crawl way faster then you can walk so you still crawl everywhere but you really like walking if you're holding onto my hands. You just laugh the whole time, especially when I start going really fast. You think that's fun.

You have 2 more teeth. One on the upper left and bottom right. Which means you are eating more adult foods! YAY!

You love to take showers (yes you didn't read that wrong... showers.) You still love baths but a lot of times when dad or I need to shower we'll just sit you in the tub and you play with your toys while water falls all over you. You love anything to do with water. You still enjoy swimming also!

You constantly want to play with my phone or this laptop (which makes it hard to do school!) I have to do school when you're asleep or dad will take you out.

The park is your new favorite place. Actually just being outside in general. Anytime dad leaves for work you cry but not really because you miss him (although that's what he thinks :]). You're just angry that you can't go outside. You love love love it!

You're not saying anything yet but the other day we were at the park and a dog walked by. You pointed to the dog and said "dg." It really was just a d sound and g sound with no vowel. I got all excited and said "dog?" And you said it (dg) again. I've wanted to test it and get you around another dog but we're in the middle of a heat wave (with it being about 100 every day and not cooling off at night) so we haven't gone out a lot or seen any dogs since then. It's killing me though. Is "dg" your first word? :]

I love love LOVE you little man. You are absolutely the best thing that ever happened to me! Don't forget that. Xoxoxo

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