Monday, October 7, 2013

11 and 12 months!

Yes in 6 days you will be one years old!! Crazy crazy crazy!!! You are adorable (as always) and here's a little bit of what you've been doing.

- You were officially a walker (as in walking more then crawling) just before you turned 11 months. Within 2 weeks after that you never crawled.

- Around 10 months you figured out how to help me take off your clothes. So if I pulled your pants down you'd lift your leg out or if I was pulling a shirt over your head you would bring your head down while I pulled up. You'd also take your arm out of the sleeve if I was pulling on that. You'd also help me put on your clothes by stretching out your legs and making them super straight while I put your pants on. At 11 months it seemed like second nature to you. And just the other day you looked down at the velcro strap on your diaper and ripped it off. :/ Hmmm luckily it seems to be a one time thing so far. I'm not ready for the rip-the-diaper-off stage just yet. :]

- You've learned how to scream. We went through a screaming phase for about 2 weeks and I thought I might lose my mind. Literally! One day I had a break down because dad had been at work for pretty much 2 days straight (leaving before you got up and coming home after you were in bed) and for those two days you were super frustratingly clingy (you'd just follow me around the house and cry if I wasn't holding you) and to get your way you'd scream until you gagged or threw up. :( I was so tired and frustrated that one time while you were following me around and I just sat on the couch and cried. Luckily dad was home by that point and took over the parenting for a little while. :] This experience taught me 2 things about myself and parenting:

1) For the most part I can be really strong and not break down when I have to. I felt fine the 2 days dad was at work but after he was home I just let all this pent up emotion go because I knew he could take over. Poor guy... he didn't really know what to do. He asked if I wanted to leave for a couple weeks. Whaaaaaat? It wasn't that bad. Maybe just for an hour or two. :]

2) New phases are really hard for me. You still love to scream but now I feel more equipped to handle it. I just need a few days to process what's going on, how I feel about it, and how I want to handle it. There's something about a new situation that unnerves me... well maybe I should say a negative situation. Yes, your screaming was negative even if you liked it. :]

So like I said you still do it but it's better because you've calmed down a little and I've had some time to learn how to handle it.

- You love cheerios (in fact I think you might turn into one) but...

- You've become a little picky with your eating habits. I think it's more texture then taste. You like gerber veggies better then homemade ($$$) but you'll still eat the homemade pureed fruit I make. You don't like any type of meat or cheese (unless pureed.) You pretty much love any type or processed or junk foods. :] Well you love watermelon and for the month of October (so for the last 6 days) I've made juice every morning (carrots, celery, ginger, cucumber, apples, pears) and you down that stuff! Yay! We're slowly getting you off formula. You'll probably be on it for a little longer because days when I only give you one bottle (even if I give you water or milk in a sippy cup) you barely pee at all and that worries me. Maybe I just need to make sure you're getting more liquids through a sippy?.

- You adore music. You're favorite move was the "Lorax." I'm pretty sure you still like it but I needed a break so we haven't watched it for a while. Now you're really into "Prince of Egypt." You love these movies because there is so much music. Any other show I have on you don't really care about. If I need to do treatments or get something done I put one of these movies on and you're happily content to watch it.

- You love to bite things, including me and your dad. I think we pretty much have it under control. It took 2 bad bites with the consequences of a hard tap on the mouth, a forceful "no biting" and a 1 min time out before you realized this was something you don't want to do. You understood time out pretty fast also. The first time you didn't get it at all. You just cried and screamed and didn't understand why you couldn't get up. By the second time you sat there and cried but you stayed in your seat. I was impressed... even with bite marks in my arm. :] So biting people is a rarity but you still like to bite things and then rip them out from in between your teeth. After you just laugh. I don't know if it feel funny or what but as long as you're not biting people I'm ok. Well for right now... I mean you are still in the teething phase.

- You HATE diaper changes. It feels like you think I'm doing it for fun to torture you. Like I'm thinking "I'm bored... what should I do that would be amusing. Oh yeah, change my 1 year olds diaper while he rolls over to try and stand up, kicks his legs, screams, and tries to grab his poopy private parts." :[ Obviously you don't understand this is the least favorite part of my day or the fact that if you would stay still you would be done a lot faster. And it doesn't really matter what I do. I try to feed you, sing to you, watch T.V, play with toys, etc. The only thing that works is when I give you a bottle but I'm not desperate enough to make up a bottle every time I need to change your diaper... at least not yet anyway.

- Part of the hard diaper changes recently (in the last few days) is the dry season is here and your eczema has totally flared up again (you had it bad right after you born at the time.) And you get it in your crotch area. :/ It's really sad. I have to be really good about changing your diaper regularly other wise you get these awful rashes in between your legs and your scrotum gets fiery red and swells. You also get really dry patches all over your legs and arms. I'm lotion-ing you up like crazy! You also get it around your eyes which is hard because then you want to rub them which only makes things worse. I love this time of year but this has been the worst part of it so far. As long as I stay on top of it, it's not to bad.

- One of your favorite games is going into you room and closing the door. Then you wait for me to come and find you. I open the door and say "where's Levi... there he is" (in what is probably the creepiest mommy sounding voice ever) and you get so excited. The other night I was in the room with you and you closed the door. You just stood there and then reached up and pulled on the handle and opened the door. :o I was so surprised. I'm not sure I'm ready for the opening door phase either although like the diaper incident, I think for now it's a one time thing. You haven't done it since.

- You know (on and off) 3 words. You don't say these words regularly or on cue but multiple times you have looked at you dad and said "dada," looked at me and said "mama" and looked at a dog and said "dah." Although there have been times when you've seen all of these things and said nothing and sometimes when you're babbling you say "dadadadadadada" or "mamamamamama" but not looking for us. I wouldn't say you're on the verge of talking by any means but I can see you understanding a lot. I talk to you all the time and tell you what we're going to do or where we're going to go and I think it's making a difference. Actually after taking my child development class I know it is but I love to watch you trying to think through things!

- You just want to be outside all the time. A lot of times when we come home you cry. I think our apartment is just to little :/ ... which is scary because we're going to be in here for another year.

Alright enough about you. Other things that have happened.

- It was mine and Jaroms 5th anniversary. :] One of his co-workers lives out in the mountains and loves to shoot, ride horses, etc. So we went out and went shooting and had dinner with them. It was nice (and cheap) and grandma (Abernathy) came out and watched you for the day which was awesome! I didn't worry about you at all.

- I'm going to school. I took the child development class over the summer and now am taking a math class. I hope to take more then one class a semester otherwise it will take me 10+ years to get a bachelors! :/ Oh well... I'm just plugging away at what I can. I really love it. I feel like it's helped change me and my perspective on life. It's helped raise my self esteem as I focus on my own physical and spiritual well being and I felt that I've really grown and I'm using my time more wisely. I like school a lot. I love to learn new things. It makes me feel more competent and I feel like I can be a better person and mom by getting an education.

- I'm also trying to take better care of myself (something else that I feel has been motivated by going back to school.) I'm trying to work out a couple times a week plus, like I mentioned earlier, I'm trying to juice every morning in October and cut out some of my more addictive candy. Yes, there is candy that I crave so much somedays I feel I will go crazy if I don't get it into my body. No more!

- We still live in a one bedroom but now Levi has his own room because he sleeps better in his own space. Plus if he was still in the living room I'd have to stay in the bedroom while he napped and he's getting to big for the pack n' play. He just doesn't sleep well in it. So Jarom and I are in the dining room. It's like living in a studio. It's not to bad except family dinners would be nicer at a table and the bathroom is connected to the bedroom which can make things difficult with a sleeping baby. He's a pretty light sleeper.

-We're a one car family. Jaroms jeep died and at this point we just don't have the money to keep repairing it or have it on the insurance. Luckily we live in an area where this isn't to hard. I have Target, Ralphs, and parks all in close proximity.

That's it for now. It's 11:50pm and you dad is asleep on the bed next to me. I still have a few things to do before I can go to bed and I need to sleep to keep up with you Levi! :] <3 p="">

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