Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What else is there to life then Levi?

Levi you will be 16 months old in 4 days. Even though you are technically 2 months to young to be in nursery I took you in last week. I'm still primary chorister and ward conferences have started up. With dad being on the high council that means I have to try and watch you and lead the music which is a joke. The primary president told me to stick you in there and you did pretty good. Not that I was surprised because you get to play with toys the entire time and when toys are involved, you don't seem to miss me too much. You cried twice. The first time was because a kid pushed you down. I wasn't happy that you were pushed but I like my little sensitive boy. I know you won't always cry when you get pushed (which is good) but I feel like it's part of your nature to be sensitive to others. You're not one who's had a problem with hitting, pushing or biting others (you had a little biting problem but a couple times in time out took care of that) and you always want to be friends and play with anyone you meet!! I love this about you! I think in life you'll have great sympathy and empathy for your family, friends, and those around you. You have a very sweet spirit and I hope you always use it to help others who aren't as fortunate as you. 

The second time you cried was because it's your nap time. Church is at 11 and you go to sleep at 1 which means you are tired!! I came in both times you cried and comforted you and after the second time you had a snack and were fine until church got out. 

You've grown so much since I last wrote!! You're getting really strong and climbing up on everything you can. You've attempted to climb out of your crib but thankfully you aren't quite tall enough for that yet. You like to climb in your highchair and jump/fall off (when I put pillows down). You also love to climb a step stool we have in the kitchen so you can see what I'm doing while I'm making dinner. 

You're becoming more interested in TV but still not enough to sit down and watch an entire show, which is fine with me. When I turn something on to get my treatments done you usually run around half of the time (unless you're eating a snack in your chair.) 

You want to play all the time and would still spend all day at the park if I let you. When it comes to toys balls are your favorite (any size or type). Dogs and pretty much any type of animal gets you very excited. You do like to read but only if you can turn the pages 100 miles per second. I can barely get through whats on the page. 

You still only say mama and dada. You don't seem to be interested in talking at all but you understand pretty much everything I say and you have no problem telling me when you want something or to go somewhere whether is pointing or pulling on my clothes or hand. 

Although you really didn't understand anything about Christmas the past December you LOVED the lights! Both of our neighbors below us put lights on their balconies and when it got dark you would run to your window and point outside if they were on. You would get the biggest smile on your face and look at me and point to them and babble in your cute baby voice. It was precious! 

You are a pro eater. Well not so much what you eat (you're kinda picky) but how. About a month ago you saw me eating some pancakes with a fork and you reached for it. So I gave it to you and without a second thought you stabbed a pancake and stuck it in your mouth. I was impressed. You eat pretty well with a spoon but if it's anything like soup a lot of it ends up in your lap. Feeding time has been so nice for the past couple months. After we went to Utah for Cmas you refused gerber baby food and starting eating other foods and you only want to feed yourself. YES! I love it. 

You wave goodbye and slap hands (high 5). We're working on blowing kisses.

What do I always say? You get cuter and cuter every day and it's true!! You keep me active and healthy and life just wouldn't be as good without you in it! I love you my little munchkin

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