Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life keeps moving...

I just did a big Levi update but here are some other things going on.

1) I'm still in school and loving it! I mean I don't always want to sit down and do homework (like right now) but I feel so good about myself and it seems the spirit is constantly giving me feelings of encouragement that this is exactly what I'm suppose to be doing. It's been hard to change my attitude a little and understand that what used to be my relaxation/TV time is now homework time. I've tried to change my thinking that homework is great "me" time because I'm putting time into making myself a better person which is way better then watching TV. I still find time to slip in a show every now and then. :]

2) I feel healthier than I've ever been. Which is funny because according to numbers, I'm not. My lung function is down (70%) and my weight is way down (117lbs). But I'm eating so much healthier, drinking 75oz a water a day, and exercising regularly. I think exercising and cutting out so much junk food (plus chasing Levi around) is making it hard for me to keep the weight on. I feel more energized and I'm on a much healthier schedule. 10pm is bedtime and I'm up with Levi around 7:30-8. I still need a good 8-9 hours of sleep a night but I don't feel sick all the time like I used to. Before I had Levi I couldn't even wake up before 9-10am without feeling like I was going to die. I feel amazing and it's incredible how much more the spirit can be with you and influence you when you have a clean healthy temple! Even with my low numbers I feel great about where I am right now.

Having a baby really helps motivate you to change physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally because you want to be the best person you can be for them. I can't believe how much I've changed in the last 5 years let along the last 16 months. It's incredible and I feel great.

3) We are moving!! Yep we're headed back to SD. Jarom got transferred because the new hire lives up here and a spot at San Marcos is opening up. It's a lot cheaper to transfer us instead of him and we feel really good about it. There was a lot that happened that led us to this point. Basically last year we had to pay a double mortgage for about 4 months because our renters kept leaving for various reasons. :/ We did not know what to do and the debt was pilling up. We thought we were good at finances before. We're great now. :] We cut back more then we ever thought we could (like becoming a one car family) and started applying some good skills. Even with all our work we were accumulating debt like crazy. We prayed a lot to know what to do. Find renters, sell, etc. Finally we talk to Jarom's boss here in southern California about what was going on and moving back. He didn't say much or seem to think much about it but as soon as we told him we were willing to move we found renters that week that were solid! Then when they found out the new hire lived in Fontana they talked to us again and put in an official transfer order. We really feel that we were suppose to talk to Scott (Jaroms boss) about moving back that first time because if we hadn't, they probably wouldn't have approached us about moving at all not knowing what was going on or how we really felt about leaving Rancho.

We'll move around the 1st of June. There's many pros and cons but like I said we feel good about it and now that we know we're moving down we just want to get down there already. We're happy to be back in a place that we own and have some more freedoms with plus it's a 2 bedroom and is even cheaper then the 1 bedroom apartment we're in right now!

I guess that's about it. Right now I'm going through all of our stuff and figuring out what's going with us and what's going to D.I. (church donations). I've also made drawings of our entire apartment and know exactly how I want it decorated and organized! :] Talk about something that relaxes me. Seriously! Nothing like turning on a good show and thinking about how everything we have here will fit there and making it look good and be efficient. Really... it makes me giddy. I love organizing! I have a million things pinned on pinterest that I want to do. We'll just have to go little by little and I'll definitely be posting some before and afters! :] Jarom is doing awesome with institute and his calling. He's an amazing hard worker and does a really good job at balancing calling, work, and home life which is really tricky. Him going to San Marcos will be a hard change for me. I'm so used to being close to the institute here and having him pop home during the afternoon before an evening class and it will be an adjustment having him so far and unreachable. :[ San Marcos is about 40 min away from our condo without traffic but unfortunately, he'll be right in the flow of rush hour traffic making it that much longer. We're thinking about getting an energy efficient car so he can ride in the car pool lanes but I guess you'll find out about that later too. :]

The point is Jarom is amazing, Levi is amazing, and we're all doing great. Life is really good right now and we are very blessed!

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