Sunday, July 6, 2014

Everything In Between

These are a bunch of little things that happened since before we moved until this point. Just wanted to document some stuff...

Rhonda got this for me for Mother's day because Jarom and I love to do puzzles! Isn't that a cute idea?! 

 This month of school has been kicking my rear end. I still have 3 weeks left from today (a 14 week course.) This was after three weeks of study before my first exam. I'm doing Anatomy and Physiology. I thought I loved learning about the body until I took this course. Phew I am tired... and practically don't care anymore about how my cells work. Actually if things made sense I would probably love it. The things I do understand I am fascinated with... but that like one thing out of 1000. 

Levi and I have been trying to do some fun summer things here in SD since we moved. The have this new down town spray area that is so fun. That is pretty much how high the water comes up but Levi loved running through the sprayers. I've wanted to do more fun water things except... (see photo below)

About 3 months ago I discover I was allergic to the cold! Yes the cold. I know of only one other person who has an allergic reaction to the cold which is why I even thought of it in the first place. Seriously if I had never met my friend I wouldn't even know it was possible. Anyway playing in the water is hard because even if it doesn't feel cold, just having the wind blow across my wet legs makes me break out really badly. This photo was taken on a GORGEOUS day at the beach. I'm so bummed because it itches SO badly and it's really preventing our fun water time. :( Going in the pool, sprinklers, even really humid cool air makes me start breaking our. Doctors don't know the cause and it can start at any time in your life and stop at any time. It's super annoying. 

We've also been having fun with our cousins who live 1 min walking distance from our house. This is not he way to Sea World.

Levi LOVES Henry and Henry tolerates Levi. :) Henry is a dog that likes his own space and Levi really loves being in his space. It's a love/hate relationship. :)

And last we had a 4th of July party with the family (although no pictures were taken). We came home to watch the fireworks which we could see pretty well from our balcony. It was a nice ending to a good (and somewhat stressful) day. :)

That's all the odds and ends for now! :)

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