Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hospital Stay

Well, here I am in the hospital with nothing but time on my hands. It gets a little busy depending on the time of day but I pretty much have enough time to do whatever I want. :) I figured this would be a great time to update the blog.

I've been in here 10 days and have 2 days to go. I'm so excited. This is the longest I've ever been away from Levi and it's killing me. I really miss Jarom also but Jarom remembers me. Well Levi remembers me but it's not the same.

We switched to Kaiser at the beginning of the year to save money on our insurance premiums but the only Kaiser that has a CF clinic is in LA. Normally it's not a big deal because I can still see my primary doctors in San Diego and only have to come up here once every 3 months for my check ups but I do need to be hospitalized up here so I can be close to my CF doctors. Unfortunately that means I'm 3 hours away from Jarom and Levi and it's just to much for Levi to make the drive. 3 (or more) hours in the car on the way up, then stuck in a little room for however long (which I know he'd just want to run around and climb on everything), and then right back in the car for the 3 hour drive home. He's to little for it to be worth it to sit in a car for so long so he can see mommy for a little bit. He doesn't think that way. All he wants is to play at the park, all day every day. I can't blame him. Parks are WAY more fun than hospitals. Thankfully we have FaceTime which has been a life saver, although sometimes it gets a little hard to see him so far away. More then one FaceTime has ended with tears running down my face but what's kept me going is that it's all worth it. This stay is not only giving me more time with Levi in the future but better quality time with him now.

My lung function declines so slowly that sometimes I don't realize how bad I really am until I get a tune-up. I was exhausted before I came in here with my poor body trying to be a mom, go to school, and fight off this awful infection that had built up in my lungs. Now that I've become so much better I'm so excited to get back to Levi and be more energized then ever. I'm ready to take on the rest of this summer with some fun! Plus I just finished my last week of school for the semester and have a wonderful 8 weeks off!!! *Happy Dance*

It's also been a blessing to see how well I'm doing since having him. I haven't been this healthy since I was pregnant with Levi. I was really afraid that having babies would significantly lower my lung function with each baby. Not that I'm planning on having 100 babes now because having kids still takes a lot out of me but I feel better about having at least one more. Overall this stay has been long but good! I can't wait to get home!!!

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