Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silent Movie Night

Every year at Balboa Park they put on a silent movie "night" at the Organ Pavilion BUT they play the organ behind the movie. The organist said that the piece of music he was playing was the actual score that was written to go with the movie. So even though it's a silent movie it sounded so good together that a lot of times I forgot someone was there actually playing in person. He was amazing and he had to play for 1 hour and 30min straight!

Everybody waiting for the movie to start! Haily and Justin Jesperson, Rhawnie and Noah Miller, and Andera and Cavan Rogers also came.
They had a gift shop but they put the sign on upside down... at first! :] Haha

Me trying to create a panoramic view of the organ pavilion on Picasa. It looks better smaller.

Other pictures of the Organ Pavilion. The left bottom picture is the movie starting and the organist down in the corner.

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