Friday, September 3, 2010

Well Hello Dolly!!

So my mom, Lahren, and I had a girls night out last night. It was so much fun! But before that I want to apologize for my crummy pictures. I took them with our hand-held HD video camera and even though you can take stills that's really not what it's for so a lot of them came out blurry/crummy which is a bummer. But anyway we started out by having dinner at Souplantation.

Then we went to Starlight Bowl to see Hello Dolly. It wasn't Barbra Streisand but it was fun and we were in the very front row!!

Our tickets. You can't really see them but my mom got seat 23 which is her lucky number!!

I don't know why I always look so weird when I'm laughing in pictures but this is
the only one we got with the of us so it will have to do!!

Fun night with the girls!! :]

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