Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Freeway Opening!!

So 2 Saturdays ago (March 19th) there was a party for the new 52 extension. The entrance is a 30 sec drive from our house. We are so excited for it. It connects the 67 to the 52 instead of having to go around on the 8 or across Santee where you're hitting all the city stop lights. It will cut our 35min drive to the temple to about 20. :]

Anyway in celebration they opened up the 52 and let pedestrians walk/bike/run on it. There
were so many people and a lot of booths trying to expand business.

Looking to the East. See all those houses on the top of that hill. Yeah those are super nice houses and we don't live there. We live under them. :]

Looking West!

With my mom.

Me and my chunky!

You know the lines on the freeway that separate lanes? And then when you're getting off an exit they get smaller and thicker... more squareish? Or so I thought. Yeah this is one of them. It was so much bigger then I thought. When you're driving by them at 70 miles an hour they look so much smaller. I wear an 8 size shoe.

This is a car from an accident getting off the 125 (right by the new 52 extension). A drunk driver plowed right into the car and the female driver died on impact. The police that were there said that they hadn't changed the car at all since the accident and that they saved it to take it around to school when they talk to kids about drunk driving.

Crazy blow up people

Look at me on the freeway. :]

Good thing they had porta-potties

All the booths! Crazy. The had free food!!

Poor Grant! He was so cold and tired by the end.

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