Friday, April 29, 2011

Tay & J's REALLY new adventure :]

I don't even know where to start. :] I guess the first thing is Jarom got hired. We are so excited and a little stressed... but more excited! :D When Bro. Valenga came in January to give us an interview we had talked about where we were going to live. By the end of the interview we had decided (due to health and wanting to have a baby) that the 2 places we could live were Utah or San Diego. We really wanted to be close to family when I had a baby so they could help. SOOOOOO when they called us to Rancho Cucamonga we were very surprised. When Jarom told me I started shaking I was so happy. I couldn't believe we got hired. We had dreamt and prayed for this for so long and it was finally happening. This is Jaroms dream career and we feel so blessed.

So after this wonderful excitement then everything started setting in. Feeling overwhelmed and scrambled. Not knowing what we needed to do or where to start. Then I thought how I wouldn't see Grant all the time and see all the new things he was doing and saying and I started crying. Not that Rancho Cucamonga is that far but about 2 hours. So I can't just pop down to S.D when I want but at least it's not a day away.

We also found out that Jarom is going to be the Director of the Institute which is also a little overwhelming. He thought maybe he'd start out as an instructor and go slowly but we're just jumping right in. Jarom was feeling like he didn't have a lot to offer. The Director he's replacing is amazing. Bro Hal Haywood. Jarom felt like the institute was going to go downhill once he got there (I mean just at first until he gets the hang of everything :]) but we went and saw the institute a couple Tuesdays ago (actually on the way to the Avi for a few days for spring break) and we felt so excited. All of a sudden we couldn't wait to get up there. We also realized that the institute was built in the 70ies and still kind of looked like it was in the 70ies. We had impressions that we needed to make it brighter and update it. Really make it a place were students will want to come and hang out and if they're not members to come check it out. I just can't wait to see what my budget is. :] Haha!

Anyway we got back from the Avi on Friday and Saturday (a week after we saw the institute) we went apartment shopping. We probably saw 7 or 8. By the end of the day we were burnt out! In fact after about 5 we weren't finding anything and we were feeling very frustrated. Then I saw a couple that looked nice so we decided to check them out and we really liked them. Carmel and Jamboree. We like the lay out of Jamboree better but it was more expensive. We had just about decided to go with Jamboree when we found their ratings. They weren't that good. 50% said yes and about 50% said no. Carmel got much higher ratings (about 80% yes and 20% no) so we decided to write them and see if they had anything available. That was yesterday and we're still waiting for a response. Hopefully we'll find out soon though because we're suppose to move May 21st!!!

Yeah I thought we'd have more time also. When we were first going through this process I thought that it would be around the 1st of June. I was worried that they'd hire us to go to Utah and we'd have a month to rent out our condo and move. Then when we actually got hired we thought we'd have until August (since College doesn't start until September). So we've been taking our time. Well we have been feeling like we need to be up there soon which is good because we just found out a couple days ago that Jarom must be up there by June 9th for his first summer session. So now we're frantically trying to find a renter and get up there. The only weird thing is we still don't know where we're moving or who is moving in but we know we're leaving May 21st. :] We feel like everything is going to work out though. In fact when we first found out that we were moving up to Rancho Cucamonga Bro. Bishop (who's "over" Jarom) told us that he and Bro. Kinnect and the men in Utah had a video conference and they all felt really good about having us move up there. When I heard that I knew it was the right thing also.

The only bad thing is that I keep getting all these negative feelings. I got them before I was married to. I felt so good about marrying Jarom but then the 4 months leading up to it I was so depressed and frustrated. I felt so down and I rarely ever felt good about anything and it really inhibited my being able to feel the spirit and make other decisions! The same thing is happening all over again. I feel like when anything good is about to happen Satan works really hard on me. It's not until after the big moment (getting married or moving) that I feel a weight lifted off of me and I know I made the right decision. Maybe that's part of the reason I feel this urgency to move.

Anyway I just want to get up there. Of course it would be nice to have renters first but I guess I can't wish for everything. :] Ultimately we're both very excited to be starting this next adventure in our lives. Next... a baby! Hopefully! That is if I can get through 9 months of frustrated negative feelings. :]

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