Saturday, March 5, 2011


I love new things and I LOVE decorating my house!!!!! I'm slowly making it more and more of what I want. :] We've done the living room, and kitchen! Now I've done the bathroom. All that is left is the bedroom and office. I've been holding out on the office because I'm hoping that it will be a nursery soon but I guess if we never have kids then I wont know what to do with it. So I better become pregnant soon. :]
Anyway here's the bathroom!

When I first saw it I thought "that's modern and cute" and then the more I kept starting at it I thought it looked like indian patterns and I wasn't sure if I wanted it. The more I stared at it the more I thought "I should keep looking" but every time I looked at something else I kept coming back to this. :] Anyway in the end I really liked it.

We also had almost no light in our bedroom. We had one little lamp. I found these at Walmart and I really liked them! Plus our room is sooooo much brighter!

Yay for having new stuff!!! I love making my home new and different! Which is why I never have extra money. :]

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