Thursday, March 3, 2011


Last weekend (Feb. 25-26) we had some guests. Hannah, Ethan, Aubree, and Kaitlyn. We gave Nathan and Colleen a free night which they loved. :]

It was a lot of fun. We watched movies, played, and ate a lot of food!! We had popcorn, P.B pretzels, grapes, smoothies, and some candy.

Watching "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"

Jarom making smoothies.

After the movie we got ready for bed. Jarom helped brush Aubree's teeth. Isn't he going to be a great dad?!

After a long night we woke up, had breakfast and finished a movie from the night before. This is Jarom playing a game with the kids. They could only step on the blocks of squares or they would get burned by the lava. :]

I wrote a long e-mail to Sue about the kids and some funny things they said so I'm just going to paste it in the blog. :]

Hannah is going to be such a great mom! She was so helpful with the younger kids in making sure they were were well taken care of. We watched 3 movies and Jarom and I hadn't seen 2 of the three. She made sure for those 2 movies to tell us how it was going to end 10 min into the movie and then proceeded throughout the rest of the movie to tell us what was about to happen right before it happened. :] She also told us Friday night that she was so tired and wanted to fall asleep but since they didn't have T.V at home she didn't want to miss anything. :]

Ethan as we all know is a ball of energy. As we were getting ready for bed he asked if he could sleep with Jarom and I. We told him that he needed to start in the living room but if anyone were to wake up in the middle of the night and be scared they could come in with us. Long story short about 10min later I had Ethan and crying Kaitlyn in bed with me and Jarom had Hannah and Aubree in the living room. So the 3 of us are in bed and Ethan is kicking and moving like crazy and yelling into a pillow from excitement. Jarom comes into the room and whispers something in his ear about calming down. I kid you not within 2 min Ethan was asleep and snoring. Jarom must have magic or pulled a Spock. :] I guess as soon as he relaxed his body he just drifted off.

During the movie we had popcorn, P.B pretzels, grapes, smoothies, and some candy. They just kept eating and eating (mainly the grapes). Well a while later (after we put the food away) Aubree turns to me and says

"I need a bowl"
I asked "why"
"because I need to burp"
"You want a bowl so you can burp?"
nods head yes
I go and get bowl, come back and give it to her... she has a confused look on her face
Me: "Do you want something else?"
blank stare
"Do you want some more grapes?"
I go and put grapes in the bowl and she proceeds to eat about 10 more grapes, gives me back the bowl and tells me she's done

About 20 min later Jarom comes out of the kitchen with a bowl and gives it to Aubree... turns to me and tells me that Aubree said she needed a bowl because she felt like she was going to barf from all the grapes she ate. To which I then realize that earlier she wasn't saying burp she was saying barf... but when I offered her more grapes because I wasn't sure what she wanted she ate them. We have learned not to leave bowls of food out during a movie. They were like zombies with there eyes glued to the movie and absentmindedly reaching in and grabbing handfuls or grapes or popcorn which resulted in some very full kids. :]

Later we got all ready for bed... laid everyone down and were trying to get everyone to fall asleep during the movie (mainly Kaitlyn) so that everyone would be asleep and Jarom and I could sneak off to bed. Well they refused to fall asleep since they were so desperate to finish the movie and watch T.V. Aubree was so desperate that when she started to fall asleep laying down she would sit up. Then as she was falling asleep sitting up her head would slowly start to fall backward. It went so far back that she was just watching the T.V through tiny little slits in her eyes and her mouth wide open. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen, I was cracking up!

Well since Kaitlyn slept with me I got about 2 hours of sleep Friday night. We have a California King and that girl needed the entire bed to spread out on. She moves constantly, sleep walks, talks, and snores.

At one point Ethan must have smacked her in the head because all of a sudden she was crying and Ethan was apologizing. From the living room Jarom jumps off the couch and almost steps on Hannah's head to get to her so he could calm her down before she woke up anyone else. :] Luckily they both fell back asleep very quickly.

Another point I wake up to see her crawling over Ethan and almost off the edge of the bed. I thought she was awake and needed to go potty so I quickly grab her and bring her back (before she falls off the bed) and she's totally and utterly asleep. No blank or confused stare that you might get from someone who is sleep walking. She was out!!

Then the last and my favorite. All of a sudden I hear her say in a whining/crying voice "No, I a big girl, I a big girl"

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