Thursday, December 22, 2011

Right around the corner

I can hardly believe Christmas is in 3 days! Here are some things that have been filling us with a holiday mood.

The Roger family came up and spent Sunday night and Monday with us. Sunday night we went to the LA temple.

Then the next day we drove over to the institute, made breakfast, and played ping pong and pool. Afterwards we drove up to the "snow." Yes this was real snow (not sleet) but there wasn't too much. It was still fun and it was probably for the best since we didn't really have snow gear. I took about 70 pics but EVERY one had Grant in it. So I was able to post 2.

Jarom chasing Lahren with a huge block of snow.

And this picture of the scenery. There was a beautiful fog rolling in. I wanted to get out and take pictures but we were in separate cars and needed to get back to Rancho.

Wrapping gifts definitely gets me in the holiday mood. I can't wait for everyone to open their gifts. It's not that I got anyone something I know they will love but it's fun to surprise them. I finished wrapping the gifts tonight. I'm ready!

Included in our gifts we make applesauce for everyone on my side of the family. Since Jarom's family makes the applesauce we figure they don't really want it as gifts but my family loves it. 

We core and cut apples

Then boil them in sugar, lemon juice, apple juice, and cinnamon. They look kind of gross but taste delicious.

 Then you spin it around in this cool masher we have. It takes out all the juice and inside of the apple but not the peel.

Me making applesauce. 


Merry Christmas!

Oh and Jarom watching Castle... or Cake Boss. We're into both shows right now. 

Merry Christmas! Hope you're feeling the holiday spirit as well.

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Kirstin said...

I want applesauce! My mom hasn't made any for awhile, and I don't have one of those awesome apple masher things.

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