Friday, December 16, 2011

Snow in Rancho

Yesterday was such an awesome day. It started out sunny which was ok but then I went up to the institute. Around 3 it started getting really dark. FUN! I was in Jaroms office and it started raining really hard. One of the institutes students came in a told us it was hailing not raining. :] SWEET! It hailed for a long time and then started pouring rain. Soon after there was a huge crack of thunder that shook the institute and for the next while we watched/ heard lightening and thunder. While this was going on Jarom was making everyone waffles while we listened to music, talked, and played pool. Eventually it moved on but then another institute student (Joey) came in and said it had snowed over by where he worked which was very close to the institute. So we hopped in the car and checked it out. True to his word it really had. It wasn't snow snow. I mean we're not in Utah or Wyoming or back east but it was snow.

It was so awesome. What a great day.


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Tay&J said...

Thanks! Me too. :] Got them at Old Navy a couple years ago.

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