Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas in a Nutshell

Wow where to start. I have so much to write about and not very many pictures.

Christmas was fun and BUSY!!! Here it is in a nutshell...

I worked at Bath and Body Works and on the 23rd until 11:30pm helping to close. As soon as I got home Jarom and I left for S.D (we had early morning plans) and got to bed around 2am. Then woke up at 7:30, got dressed, and had the Price traditional scone breakfast the morning of the 24th with Jarom's brother and grandparents. Then we came back to my parents and took a little nap. Before I knew it, it was time to leave for La Jolla to be with my dads' dad and stepmom (Jerry and Bernice.) Here are some pics of Christmas Eve.

Grant loved opening gifts. He just wanted to open open open. In fact as soon as he was done with his gifts he started to open mine. But I didn't mind the help. 

My little Bryce in his Christmas Vest. :] What a cutie! 

After the evening with them we went to Balboa Park, walked around and looked at Christmas lights, and fed the homeless. A couple years ago Lahren got the idea to make some food and put them in sandwich bags. We also add water bottles and we've passed out blankets and socks. It's been such a great tradition and a wonderful way to give during the Christmas season. After that we came home and Jarom and I did presents to each other and fell asleep on the couch watching Christmas Carol. 

Isn't the living room beautiful. I love living in Rancho and I love our home but it doesn't truly feel like Christmas until I'm in this house looking at these decorations. :]

Kind of blurry but us about to watch Christmas Carol and me in my Christmas P.J's that my parents got me. :]

We rolled into bed around 3am and were up by 7:45 the next morning to get ready for Church. We went to Church with Jaroms grandparents (Sue's parents Ralph and Carol), then my Grandma Jo Anns for breakfast, over to Aunt Donnas' (she has SO many health problem and couldn't come that morning), back to my parents to Skype with Dallen...

then off to Jaroms' grandparents (Rahns' stepmom and dad. Joe and Daisy) to visit them ( mainly Daisy she also hasn't been doing very well), back to Cathywood to spend some time with the Hogewonings and eat some dinner, then our family Christmas. 

My gift from my parents. Isn't this the most beautiful picture you've ever seen! I love this story in the Bible of the woman with the blood issue and the great faith that she had.

Me and my Chunky Christmas night. Making faces.

I drove back to Rancho Cucamonga the next day and worked from 7pm-1am. We had "floorset" and that's getting everything re-stocked and taking down all Christmas decor. I was home by 1:30am, did some treatments and ate dinner. Before I knew it Jarom was coming to get me (around 4am) so we could leave for Utah for his sister Marisa's wedding. Jarom had stayed in S.D to get a rental car with some friends who were also driving up to Utah. They stopped by Rancho to get me on the way. 

On the way to Utah.

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