Monday, January 9, 2012

My house is finally in order...

Our year started with a few goals and a lot of cleaning. We'll start with the cleaning.

On Saturday the 6th Jarom and I spent all day (at least 6 hours) cleaning and organizing our apartment for 2012. It hasn't been so organized since before we moved in. The 2 places that really needed help were the kitchen and master bathroom. When we moved in I just kind of threw things places and we finally went in and organized it the way we wanted it. 

The Master Bathroom Before:


It feels good when you have a clean house but when you know places other people don't normally see are clean and organized... that feels even better. 

Now the goals. 

This year I have 2 New Years resolutions. I started to feel like everyone else and thought about not doing any (since I rarely keep them) but then I thought "Tay you're motivated to change right now so whether it's New Years or not you need to set some goals." So I did. I actually wanted to set about 500 goals but then I knew I really wouldn't follow through so I thought about all the goalsI wanted to set and thought of one goal that would help me accomplish the rest of them.

1) To wake up at 7am. I know that might seem weird but I usually wake up at 9 (because I went to bed at 12 or 1am the night before) sluggishly get out of bed, do my treatments, get something to eat, forget prayer and scriptures and before I know it it's noon and I have done 2 things and I'm still in my P.J's. I needed to have better structure to accomplish my 500 goals so I decided that waking up a 7 would help me a little with each goal I want to accomplish. As I get down the 7am thing I'll be able to set better goals to help me with everything else I want to do. This is also helping me go to bed earlier. I was asleep but 10:30 last night. My goal for this is to be getting ready for bed by 9 so I can be in bed by 10 and asleep but 10-10:30.

2) I want to be more spiritual at the end of this year then I am now. I know that's very broad and I need to set smaller goals to help me do this but it's a start. Plus the 7am thing is helping me with this too. This is my first morning doing it and I already feel more spiritual. 

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