Friday, January 20, 2012

A Tribute to Mr. Knightly

Today Jarom and I got a new car! A Dark Gray 2009 Toyota Camery.

We weren't really planning on getting a new car as we can't really afford one but this was a great price from one of Jarom's co-workers. It was a company car from the church that he needed to sell and the church was extremely fair on the price. Since my '94 Camery (18 years old. Isn't that like 103 in human years :]) is about to die and we had this great offer we felt that it was time. If Jarom's car dies anytime soon we'll have to be a one car family so we're hoping that doesn't happen. We can afford it but it will be tight. We just want to get it payed off asap!

I named my old Toyota Mr. Knightly. Mainly because I had just seen Emma recently when I got the car but he has truly lived up to his name.

1) He has driven me to San diego about 1000 times since we've moved up to Rancho. Many times late at night and has gotten me there and back safely every time.

2) He has great gas milage and has even gone many miles on fumes so I don't have to be stranded and call AAA and waits until I can get him to a gas station. Even if he sees me pass 10 stations on my way to Costco he'll wait.

3) He was hit by someone once but didn't complain when we used the money to buy a T.V instead of getting him repaired. :]

4) I have never had to take him to a mechanic to get repairs except once. He has suffered through to save me money.

5) He has let me go a couple months late to get oil changes even though he has an oil leak and never complained.

6) Although he can go 70-75 (even 80) he really prefers 65 on the freeway but hasn't minded when I've had to speed when I need to get somewhere in a hurry.

7) When people are driving crazy and I need to stop quickly he helps me push on those breaks to keep me alive. Alright alright sometimes I have needed to put them on because I have done crazy things but he hasn't complained even when I feel those brakes grinding.

8) He has put up with my loud (sometimes blaring when I'm in a really good mood) music even though his speakers are tired.

9) He has saved us so much money by being old and beat up. We had no car payment on him and our insurance payment was about $200 a year for him.

10) And last even though he has over 170,000 miles on him and is probably ready to go to car heaven he has always gotten me where I need to be and is even staying alive so we can make a little bit of money off of him.

Mr. Knightly you have been good to me and even though I'm really excited to have a new car you were as gentlemanly, selfless, and reliable as the person you were named after. You were my first car and I'll remember you forever. :]

Pics will be posted soon...

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