Monday, January 23, 2012

Whatever Hair...

My hair is whatever. It's not straight, curly or wavy but more of a combination of the 3. I guess it is more wavy and poofy when natural!

I love to curl my hair but I've noticed when I do it always falls out within an hour or so into big waves. I do like this look sometimes but other time I want curls. I remember my friend Janelle telling me (well actually my sister Lahren who told me) that right after you curl the hair put it in a pin curl while it's cooling off and that will help the curl. So I decided to try it the other day. I hope you don't mind the cheetah P.J's my parents gave me for Christmas. It was just one of those days. :]

After curling with no pin curls. 

 From the top. I just pinned the top half.

After taking pin curls out. BAM! Beautiful Curls

Over an hour later and still super curly. It lasted all night long. 

 I took 2 strands on the side of my head and braided them. Then used them as a head band. 

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