Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthday :]

So the past few birthdays have been kinda blah through ALL fault of my own. I guess I just have certain expectations and when they don't come to pass the day is ruined.

I've wanted to change for a while but then when this past Mother's day was coming up I thought "this is ridiculous. My "special" days would always be perfect if I just enjoyed them." Jarom is always so thoughtful and I have no reason to expect anything.

So my birthday was wonderful because I wanted it to be. :] It was on Sunday and Jarom went to his early morning meeting and came back to cuddle with me for a little bit before church. I was actually feeling really horrible that morning because I had been in SD all week and it had taken a lot out of me. So he brought me breakfast and then ran to the institute to print out some stuff I needed for primary.  I got ready as quickly as I could (which is not that fast) and we made it just in time for singing time. :]

After church he had another meeting so I stayed at home and had this weird desire to clean the house. Best Sabbath activity, not really, but we're in our new place and I hadn't had a chance to do much with it so, I wanted to clean. Then Jarom came home for a little bit and left for another meeting but I went with him to this one. It wasn't supposed to take that long, just an introduction to Pathways, but it ended up taking over an hour plus they asked him to stay after to help with some interviews.

Monday was better. Jarom went to work and came home a little early with a gift. 

These were on top. My favorite candy and not something I should eat at all but, it's my birthday. :]

It started out like this (I had already opened it. :] and I blurred out how much money it was. Haha not that it was a lot.) 

Coins that we had been saving up since we got married. I wasn't sure what we were saving up for but, I guess I know now. He rolled them all for me.

This was also in the box. Both?

Yep both of us. Along with some friends. Jaroms first pedicure. :]

After we went to Ikea in West Covina (which is HUGE) and got my "stand" (which is really a nice bookcase on its side.) It was way cheaper and actually just what I had wanted. There's a lot of storage which is great for our apartment and the baby coming. I also found a mirror that I loved and since we saved on the stand we got both.

I haven't taken pictures yet because I really need to get some baskets for the bookcase/stand since all you can see now is a bunch of cords hanging down the back.

It was just a nice day filled with nice people. What more could I ask for?

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