Sunday, June 24, 2012

A little more about me...

Pregnancy has got to be the only time in life where it is acceptable to talk about yourself all the time and have everything revolve around you. :] Haha but I try not to annoy to many people. Actually Jarom asked me if I was documenting this pregnancy and all the fun (and weird/hard) things happening to me. I kind of have but I thought I'd share my feelings so far and things I love and don't love about it.

So far pregnancy is ok. I can't say I'm one of those people who love being pregnant. I was really hoping I would get lucky and be one. I know part of this is partially attitude but I have friends who love being pregnant because they actually feel better when they're pregnant. This is not me!

 I do love feeling this little boy (although who knows how long that will last as he gets bigger and crushes my already declined lungs.) I love the opportunity that I've had to experience pregnancy. It really is an incredible experience and although it isn't all fun and games, it's something that I feel truly blessed to be able to discover. Although no one ever said that I wouldn't be able to have children, I knew it was possibility that I may not or that it would be difficult. During the past 2+ years I was afraid that I may not even be able to try and become pregnant with all the health issues I was experiencing. Now I am, and on the hard days I just remember that time and I feel truly blessed.

So far I love that this little guy is improving my health. I've gained 7.5 pounds. :] YAY! I'm the fattest I've every been in my life at 137.5. Not that I want to be this big after I have the baby (I'm perfectly content being around 130) but my doctors were hopeful that I'd just gain at least 15lbs through the entire pregnancy. Looks like I'll hit that mark easy and that makes Dr. Ramos very happy which makes me very happy!

My lung function is also the highest it's been in 3 years at 2.6 liters or 77%. This was surprising since, obviously, as the baby gets bigger my lung capacity should shrink. This should still happen as time goes on but so far things are good.

I also love how it's changing me physically when it comes to taking care of myself. Even though the diet change is hard I have cut so much junk food out of my diet that  I probably never would have in the first place. Before I could down sugar, now I can only have a little bit and even then it can be unsatisfying. I'm also drinking more water. I can't say exercise has changed so much but maybe over time? I consider taking my children to the park and playing with them a form of exercise. :] I just feel overall I'm taking better care of myself.

I'm also trying to establish habits now that I want to have after the baby is here. Something I've really been working on is having a clean house. I want to have a nice clean/organized house after the baby is here so I'm trying to find ways to clean fast and efficiently! (I have some great friends giving me great tips. Money saving tips also!)

The downside of pregnancy so far:

- Heartburn (occasionally keeping me up at night)
- Back pain (a lot of the time. The pain comes in the middle of the night or morning and then just discomfort during the day and I'm only 21 weeks.)
-Sore tailbone (not that this is something that pregnancy causes but I sit so much my tailbone is sore a lot. I really need to get up and move around more but I'm just so tired with this heat that sitting down feels so good! It also has a lot to do with all my driving down to S.D for my doctors appt.)
- Peeing all day (obviously but just within the past week I think this baby is sitting on my bladder. Last night I went to the bathroom, relieved myself, got off the toilet and literally 2 min later I felt like I needed to go again. I thought it might just be a little bit but back to the toilet I went and had a completely full bladder. Crazy) 
- Some constipation (sorry probably TMI)
- Sore Tummy (yes those ligaments are being pulled! When I rub my stomach it's the equivalent as if I just did 100 sit ups and my belly button is more sore when touched.)
- Awkward showing (I'm still in the weird stage. Half of people say I don't look pregnant at all and the other half say they can totally tell I'm pregnant. It really depends on what I'm wearing and what time of day it is. I was really hoping I'd get this cute little belly popping out but what appears to be happening is  the baby is just pushing everything up, so I just look like I have a pot belly. It's making me feel blah. Not that I feel fat, per se, I just feel wide and  kind of unattractive since I have no clothes that fit. I even tried on some preggo clothes and those DID make me look fat.)
-Popped out Belly Button (you can't really see it yet but man am I gonna have one popped out/ huge belly button by the end of the pregnancy. Not that I mind seeing it on other women but I don't really like how it looks [no offense if your belly button pops out] and mine will!)
-Poor sleeping habits (getting pregnant during the summer was just plain dumb. :] Not that I would have waited anyway but it is so hot. I don't handle heat well anyway so I love staying up at night... late at night. I've been going to bed around 12-1am. My back hurts less, I'm not as hot, the baby kicks like crazy, and it's my favorite time! It's really hard to try to convince myself to go to bed when I know I'm going to wake up in a few hours needing to pee and in back pain tossing around, pulling stomach muscles, and trying to find a better position. Part of me doesn't care since I know whatever schedule I had is going to be messed up anyway when the baby gets here but I also know that I need be on a better schedule. I mean if I start off on a good schedule when the baby comes (even if it gets messed up) I know it will be better for everyone if I have better sleeping habits to begin with. Plus it's a commandment so you can't argue with that.)
-Insulin (I'm starting insulin soon. I tried it once and it was a little really intimidating but ultimately I couldn't feel the needle go in my stomach at all. It's just another thing to worry about and I'm afraid that in doing it all the time my stomach could become bruised and then that would hurt. Hopefully not.) 
-Lack of muscles (I'm not really sure what I can blame this on but it's not even stomach muscles; It's leg muscles. Yesterday I was holding a couple items that I thought were a little heavy [which means they weren't] and I dropped my keys. I bent down to get them and could barely use my leg muscles to get myself back up. I was so sad I wanted to cry! I'm such a weakling!)
- Very Extremely sore bust (I don't feel the need to go into details on this one. If you've been pregnant you know where I'm coming from. If not then you don't need to. If you want to know, ask me later or someone else.)

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