Sunday, July 1, 2012

The story of the honey bee...

Warning: this does not have a happy ending. Well I guess it depends on your definition of a happy ending.

Today I came home from church (since Jarom is in the high council he visits another ward most Sunday's) and went into the kitchen to check on the chuck roast. I heard this weird buzzing noise. I didn't think it sounded like a bee at first but after a while I turned around and there he was... in the window. The blinds were pulled down but open so I didn't know what to do. If they had been open I would have swatted him with a fly swatter but I was afraid if I opened them then he would fly out and get lost in the house.

I have never liked bees and usually don't mind killing them at all but I did feel a little bad for this guy. I could tell he was trying to get back out in the big open world to fly around, get fat from nectar, and be free. In the end I just didn't want to risk having a bee flying around my house chasing me.

Anyway I was contemplating how to kill this little guy and be brave enough to enter back into the kitchen. I decided raid was the way to go. I wasn't even sure if it would kill him but I figured it worked for ants and roaches so why not bees.

I was getting ready to spray and run in case it didn't work but I started spraying and my finger would not come off the trigger. I just kept spraying and spraying. He fell into the crack of the window sill so I couldn't even see him. I think I used half the bottle. Ha it stunk so badly and really wasn't good for me to breathe in at all. Right when I was done Jarom walked in. What?! I wasn't even expecting him until tonight. If I had just waited a few more minutes he could have taken care of everything.

Instead he cleaned up for me so I wouldn't have to breathe in the fumes. Literally I'm not kidding, the bee was swimming in Raid. At least he died quickly. Jarom just laughed at me the entire time he cleaned up because he couldn't believe how much Raid there was. Every time I walked back in the kitchen he just had a smile on his face was was chuckling. If I had been smart brave I would have documented the entire experince. Instead I just wanted everything over as quickly as possible.

The End

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