Monday, August 13, 2012

28 Weeks

So Friday I had my 28 week appt. I had another big ultrasound so they could get a good measurement of how big the baby is and make sure everything looks good. Not only does everything look good, but they say I'm the healthiest C.F pregnant patient they've ever seen and that so far I win the award for biggest baby growing in a mom with CF.

Our little big guy is measuring 10 days ahead of schedule at 3.7(?) lbs. I thought I heard 3.7 but this would be bigger then 10 days so it's probably in the low 3's. At first I was concerned at this weight gain because babies get bigger when the mom has gestational diabetes and him being so big could be a sign that he's not handling the sugar very well but they said if that was the case his stomach would be bigger then the rest of his body and everything was equally proportioned. *sigh of relief* 

So now you may be thinking that this growth spurt is coming from his 6'4 dad but that is debatable. Big babies come from my side of the family not Jarom's. I was the biggest of my moms kids at 10.10. Yes that is correct, while Lahren and Dallen were both in the 9lb range. Lahren (my sister's) boys were 10.4 and 11lbs. Jarom's genes may help this big baby situation but it's more probable that Jarom would contribute to height genes and I'm giving this baby the weight genes.

So far everything looks really good and now I'm just hoping this baby doesn't get to big so I wont have to be induced. :/ Time for him to slow way down!

While we there the ultrasound tech was taking a gazzilion pics for us when all of sudden she asked "would you like a 3D?" Yes, of course! I wasn't going to spend the extra money for one (and hopefully they wont bill us) but it sounded like this is something my hospital does. :] I probably should have asked but I was too excited.

That's his hand trying to cover his face (go figure) or flex (as Jarom would say.) :] So far it looks like he has my nose and Jaroms lips.

28 weeks and a little blurry. 

We're so excited to meet this little man!

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Kirstin said...

That's the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

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