Monday, August 13, 2012

Boys Before Baby Shower

So I went to S.D this past week to go to a doctors appt., spend some time with family, and have my baby shower! :] The shower will be in a different post but I took some pics of the boys (mainly Bryce) that I have to post.

Hi my name is Bryce and my crazy Aunt thinks I'm so adorable that she took these picture of me eating bread.

1st attempt

Oops, it fell before I could get it in my mouth

2nd attempt


And look at my perfect lips covered with crumbs!

Oh and my crazy grandpa (Grant took this picture.)

Oh and I'm more adorable when I'm taking a bath

And pretty cute when I'm sitting in the shopping cart with my equally adorable older brother Grant.

Holy cow have I mentioned how much I love these boys!!

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