Monday, August 13, 2012

Pismo Beach

July 30- Aug 3 we went to Pismo Beach with Rahn, Sue, Ammon, Hannah, and Ethan. It was a lot of fun but so cloudy and cold. I was so glad to escape the heat but that didn't mean I wanted to escape the summer. Every day was overcast and wet at about 55-60 degrees and the water was very cold (at least I thought so.) Monday we just settled in and then Tuesday was Hearst Castle, Wednesday was the beach, and Thursday we left. Here's some pictures of our trip.

The crew. I think their goal was to see how many steps they could take the 6 month hot and hungry pregnant lady up and down because every where I turned we were going up and down more stairs. :]

Apparently these pillars are over 2,000 years old and we got in trouble for touching them. Oops. 

3,000 year old statue

Jarom, Hannah, Ammon, Ethan

Grandma Sue trying to put sunscreen on an already wet Ethan. :]

Hannah + Uncle Jarom

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