Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby Shower

Sometimes I can't believe I'm having a baby. So it was with the baby shower. It seemed a little surreal that everyone was coming to help me get ready to be a mom. What? I'm going to be a mom? Just a little weird and completely wonderful. Luckily I have an AMAZING sister to help me celebrate. Lahren you were incredible!!! I can't believe everything you did. Every decoration was hand made from an idea that came off pinterest (literally nothing came store bought! Just keep that in mind when you're looking at all the pictures.) I know the hours you (and friends) spent getting all of this together and it was a hit! You are so amazing. Thank you to you and everyone else (especially those who contributed money to create this special event... you know who you are) to make this such a memorable day for me! I love you all! I know I have a ton of pictures but I couldn't leave any of them out. In fact there are more that I don't have yet. Lahren also set up a photo booth were guests could come and take pictures with cut out mustaches, bow ties, and top hats. I have yet to see those but I'm sure they'll be added soon.  And in case you didn't know... the theme was "Tayler's Little Man" hence the mustaches and bow ties. :]

How adorable is the mustache and bow tie confetti?! Along with diaper cake and cupcakes. 

Even the chocolate covered strawberries matched the brown, blue, and green theme. :]

Lahren, family, and friends... you are amazing! Thank you so much! I love you all!

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Laura Jensen said...

Holy cow that looks incredible! Some loving people went to a lot of work for you! It's perfect.

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